Learning in a safe and homely environment 

We were pleased that Tina was able to take our girls...they are happy and well looked after

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What we do


Whilst the children are in the care of Chalford Childcare they will take part in age appropriate activities and games as well as going on outings and learning experiences to parks, libraries, wildlife centres, mother and toddler groups and soft play centres.

I always try to vary my activities from day to day as well as encouraging the children to get involved so that they enhance their own learning. Activities can include craft activities, messy play (gloop, sand, water, playdough), food exploration, baking, cooking and helping to prepare their own meals (where I try to use local produce and teach the children about where their food comes from), outdoor/ball games, role play (dressing up, play kitchen, small world), toys such as duplo, trains, garage, musical instruments etc, age appropriate games and puzzles. Toys are selected at the beginning of the day by myself to cover all age groups that I have that day. The toys can be changed during the day if requested or needed to keep the children stimulated throughout their day at Chalford Childcare.

All toys and equipment are cleaned on a regular basis to try to keep the children healthy and minimise the chance of spreading illnesses. On top of this the house, the garden and the toys/equipment are checked before use to ensure children are kept safe. If anything is found to be broken or damaged then it will be removed in order to make sure all children are kept safe whilst at Chalford Childcare. Both the house and garden have a written risk assessment that is kept up to date and are available for viewing.

Parents/ carers are sent a newsletter  throughout the year to let them know about topics and activities including religious days and events that the children will be participating in as well as any holidays that will be occurring.



Whilst the children are in the care of Chalford Childcare I try to take them on a different outing or learning experience whether that just be a walk around the village or to the local allotments or it could be an outing to the local library, farms or soft play areas. During the last OFSTED all of Chalford Childcare's policies on health and safety, outings and travel were to a high standard.
To try to minimise the amount of time we spend travelling I only tend to visit local areas of learning such as The Museum in the park (Stroud), Chromium Museum (Cirencester), the local libraries (Stroud and Nailsworth), Westonbirt Arboretum, Butts Farm (Cirencester) and Slimbridge Wetland Centre. When possible I tend to go on walks around the local villages (Chalford Hill, France Lynch, Eastcombe and Bussage) as well as visiting the local parks and allotments. Sometimes outings are not always educational such as visits to Go Bananas (Stroud) and Magic Land (Cirencester) but I take them to these to help with development skills and as special treats.
Most of the outings that Chalford Childcare go on are free of charge to keep the costs at a minimum for the parents/carers. If we go on trips that are outside of the usual mother and toddler groups/ library etc. then parent/guardian permission will be sought prior to the outing. Whilst on a trip policies are in place in order to make sure that all the children are kept safe and the older children are informed of any rules on arrival at the location which they are expected to follow to further ensure their safety.

Grow and Learn

Whilst your child is in the care of Chalford Childcare and in the early years stage of their development all the planning and activities related to their individual needs and learning are linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.
To keep you up to date on your childs development, each individual child has there own learning journey which a parent/carer can look at upon request and children are also able to look at their own learning journey. The learning journey contains observations that I have completed, pictures of the child joining in with activities, their record of development and some of their own work.
For each child that is in the early years stage a daily diary is kept to keep parents informed on what their child has done throughout the day such as the activities they have participated in, what they have eaten and their sleeps and nappies if appropriate. Chalford Childcare tries to encourage parents/carers to take these daily communication books home and write in any thing their child has enjoyed or achieved whilst in their care or in the care of another setting.